Olive Oil Class

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Olive Oil Class

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Coming in 2019!

Spend a morning

on the farm!

This hands-on workshop & farm tour will delve into the exciting, healthy new California specialty crop and artisan production of extra virgin olive oil. You’ll learn to taste olive oil like the experts, experience the nuances of the different varietals and explore pairings with different foods.

The Groves on 41 is a working farm with a combined 4000 Arbequina & Koroneiki trees. Your hosts will explain the methods and reasons behind their super high density planting and how it translates to a fresher harvest all the while observing sustainable farming practices and eyeing organic production down the road.

We’ll talk about harvest and milling options and how we prepare for harvest.We’ll talk about the global industry and delve a bit into its tawdry past.

You will be provided with all materials needed for the class. We ask you not to drink coffee after 8 AM for the tasting session. No perfumes, as aroma is important in this sensory evaluation. We’ll post the new schedule in January 2019. Classes will begin at 10A and run about 2 hours.


Available for private party. Need more information? Please call The Groves on 41: (805) 466-1542 or e-mail your request to: info@thegroveson41.com