Olive Oil Class


Spend a half-day

on the farm!

This hands-on workshop will delve into the exciting, healthy new California specialty crop and artisan production of extra virgin olive oil. You’ll learn to taste olive oil like the experts, experience the nuances of the different varietals and explore pairings with foods.


We’ll start at Foxdale Farm, the local olive press

You’ll learn how the olive harvest is brought in, the stages of the milling process and how the extra virgin olive oil is produced. Foxdale Farm is host to the newest mill on the coast, a state of the art four-ton per hour Pearilisi mill. The mill runs continuously through the fall harvest season, but is open year round for special events and workshops.

Next stop: The Groves on 41

A working farm with newly planted Arbequina & Koroneiki varietals. Here you will enjoy a catered lunch crafted from locally grown seasonal produce and accompanied by a selection of local wines. Your hosts will explain the methods and reasons behind their super high density planting and how it translates to a fresher harvest all the while observing sustainable farming practices and eyeing organic production down the road.

You will be provided with all materials needed for the class. We ask you not to drink coffee after 8 AM for the tasting session. No perfumes, as aroma is important in this sensory evaluation. Please feel free to bring an additional bottle of wine to share with your party if you like. Costs include all supplies, lunch, drinks and gift pack.

Available for private party. Need more information? Please call The Groves on 41: (805) 466-1542 or e-mail your request to: info@thegroveson41.com