2018 Olio Nuovo


New! November 2018 harvest and bottling. Olio Nuovo is a fresh, cloudy and delightfully lively oil. Available in 375 ml only & for a very limited time.


New! Limited bottling of our December 3, 2018 harvest is available now!

Available in 375 ml only & for a very limited time.

The freshest olive oil you’ve ever tasted. Olio Nuovo is building quite a following in the US. The Europeans have long been passionate in their anticipation and appreciation for this fresh harvest bottling. Olio Nuovo is a cloudy and delightfully lively oil.

Most palates wait patiently for the oil to settle after crushing, producing a beautiful clear oil in about 90 days. When is extra virgin olive oil at its healthiest? Always, the fresher the better! While olive oil remains tasty and very good for you for up to 24 months, depending on how it is handled and stored, the polyphenol counts do diminish with time. Look for the harvest date on the label and buy the freshest oil you can.

Want to venture into adding an Olio Nuovo to your table? Now is the time to enjoy it. Keep it simple and let the fresh flavor and aroma stand out. Drizzle on meats, vegetables, bread and enjoy! Just remember this delightful oil hasn’t settled in yet so expect a little sediment in the bottom of the bottle. Cheers!


Size: 375 ml


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