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About The Groves on 41
I’m Jennifer, the daughter, and I ditched my long career in the hospitality industry and moved to the beautiful Templeton California countryside in order to help out with this newer family business, olive farming and olive oil production. After years of racing up the ladder with The Ritz Carlton Hotel Company and most recently at the Balboa Bay Club in Newport Beach I knew I could apply my experience to our vacation rental, private events, group tours and overall agritourism business. And I couldn’t wait to get my hands dirty learning everything about growing olives and creating olive oil.

I’m Karen, the mother, and I had the crazy notion that starting an olive farm would be a fun way to really dig into learning this newer specialty crop industry and sharing it with my fellow foodies and friends. The Groves on 41 came about in 2010. We planted our trees in 2011 and haven’t looked back. Through enormous setbacks and steep challenges we’ve come to realize our beloved olive orchard very much reflects the resilience needed to survive and produce in this world. My professor once stated “Olive trees need to be stressed to produce a quality olive oil.” Wow, I was right about my applicable farming skills!
Whether you're interested in learning more about olive oil, you just want to escape to our country retreat, or you wish to have a small group farm tour and learn more about this incredible industry (complete with its 100s years old tawdry past) we hope you visit and soak in some of this splendid lifestyle.
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